Roo for all ages

Posted: 21 July 2015

Roo for Infants

Infants are ready to start eating solid foods at around six months. The Infant Feeding Guidelines recommend introducing iron-rich foods first, like iron-enriched infant cereals, pureed meat and poultry dishes. Kangaroo meat boasts plenty of iron, so it’s a super first food to introduce.

Try: Pan fry kangaroo fillet or cook kangaroo mince. Blend with a little boiled water in a food processor or hand blender to form a smooth paste. Serve the cooked pureed meat separately to the vegetables or blend with some cooked, pureed vegetables, like sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, broccoli or zucchini.

Roo for Kids

Kangaroo meat ticks many boxes for growing bodies and active minds. A 130g serving of cooked kangaroo fillet provides kids aged 9-12 years with 100% of their daily protein needs. Then there’s the awesome dose of iron, zinc and B-group vitamins that kids get out of a tasty kangaroo meal.

Try: Making their favourite lasagne, spaghetti bolognese, rissoles and meatballs using kangaroo mince. Making the switch is a nutrition-smart move!

Roo for Teens

In the transition from child to adult, iron requirements jump a mountain in teenage girls and zinc leaps a tall building in teenage boys. Having low iron stores can trigger fatigue and tiredness, which diminishes the ability to concentrate and solve problems at school. Having low zinc levels weakens the immune system. Regularly eating kangaroo meat is an easy way for teens to keep on top of their iron and zinc intakes.

Try: Whipping up a lean kangaroo burger with lettuce, tomato, beetroot, avocado and reduced-fat cheese on a crusty wholemeal roll.

Roo for Adults

Protein is a satiating nutrient, which means it helps to fill you up and keep you feeling satisfied after eating. What’s more, protein helps to build muscle, which makes it a welcome addition to any strength training regimen. A 150g serving of cooked fillet provides an average adult with 92% of his or her daily protein needs. It’s all the more reason to eat up and enjoy!

Try: Kangaroo casserole, stew or curry, served with steamed kale and couscous or ancient grains (eg. quinoa or spelt).

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