Healthy meal solutions

Kanga to the rescue!

Kangaroo meat is an extremely versatile meat and Gourmet Game has an awesome range of kangaroo meat solutions to choose from. Here are some nutritious kangaroo meal ideas to keep that smile on the dial, of every member in the family.Family_BBQ

Infant-friendly meal solutions

It’s recommended to introduce solid foods to an infant at around 6 months of age. It’s important to include iron-rich foods in the first solids, like iron-enriched cereals, pureed meat and poultry dishes. Kangaroo meat is rich in iron, making it a superb meat to introduce to your infant.

Here are some practical tips for feeding kangaroo meat to your growing bub at different ages and stages:

Smooth texture (around 6 months)

  • Panfry kangaroo fillet or cook kangaroo mince. Blend with a little boiled water in a food processor or hand blender to form a smooth paste.
  • Serve the cooked pureed meat separately to the vegetables or blend with some cooked, pureed vegetables, like potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, broccoli or zucchini.
  • Blend up a kangaroo meat and vegetable casserole, using fluid from the sauce or some boiled water, to create a smooth paste.

Lumpy texture (around 7 months)

  • Cooked kangaroo mince and very finely chopped kangaroo fillet provides a perfect lumpy texture.
  • Mix cooked kangaroo mince or finely chopped cooked kangaroo fillet with some mashed vegetables.
  • Coarsely blend a kangaroo bolognese sauce and serve with well cooked pasta, rice or couscous.

Finger foods (around 8 months)

  • Slice pan-fried kangaroo fillet into thin strips and serve with steamed or baked vegetables.
  • Cook kangaroo sausages, remove the skin and cut into manageable, bite size pieces. Serve with some cooked shell pasta, tomato slices, cheese sticks and avocado.
  • Offer well cooked kangaroo rissoles or meatloaf together with other finger foods for lunch or dinner.
  • Think outside the square – prepare mince meat recipes (e.g. shepherds pie or savoury mince) using kangaroo mince in place of beef or lamb mince.

Child-Friendly Meal Solutions

Most toddlers and children prefer moist and tender foods, as they are easier to eat. Here are some tips and ideas for including succulent kangaroo meat meals in your child’s diet.

A Healthy twist on some family favourites….

  • Throw some Gourmet Game Kanga Bangas on the barbie. These sausages are lean (98% fat free) and tender. They work well as part of a meal with vegetables or salad, or even served in a wholemeal bread roll with salad and tomato sauce.
  • Make their favourite lasagne, spaghetti bolognese, rissoles and meatballs using kangaroo mince. Making the switch is a nutrition-smart move!
  • Top baked potatoes with a kangaroo meat bolognese sauce and reduced-fat grated cheese.
  • Make nachos using corn chips, cooked savoury kangaroo mince, diced tomato, reduced-fat cheese and guacamole.
  • Try an Asian stir-fry using onion, garlic, ginger, 4-5 different vegetables, sliced kangaroo fillet and oyster sauce. Serve with hokkien noodles, buckwheat noodles or rice.
  • Use diced kangaroo mince to make a favourite casserole or mild curry, served with steamed vegetables and rice, noodles or couscous.
  • Whip up a lean kangaroo burger with lettuce, tomato, beetroot, avocado and reduced-fat cheese on a crusty wholemeal roll.
  • Barbecue some Herb & Garlic kangaroo kebabs and serve with a Mediterranean salad and a wholemeal dinner roll.

Using leftovers…


  • Use leftover kangaroo savoury mince or bolognese sauce to make jaffles (using wholemeal or hi-fibre white bread). It’s sure to get the thumbs up!
  • Use leftover kangaroo steak and baked vegetables to create a ‘bubble and squeak’. Simply chop the meat, baked potato, pumpkin and carrot. Cook with a little olive oil and some leftover peas for 5 minutes in a frying pan.
  • Create mini pizzas using English muffins topped with tomato paste, thinly sliced leftover kangaroo fillet, mushrooms, capsicum, pineapple pieces and grated reduced fat cheese. Grill and serve – yum!
  • Make kangaroo steak and salad roll-ups – spread hummus on some Lebanese or mountain bread, add thinly sliced kangaroo steak, a pile of salad vegetables and a sauce of your choice. Roll the bread up tightly and dig in!


Adult-Friendly Meal Solutions

A nutritious meal is one that includes vegetables, protein-rich foods and carbohydrate-rich foods. Apply this simple formula to your dinner plate to create balanced, nutritious meals for the whole family:

    • Vegetables: Fill ½ the plate with a wide variety of vegetables or salad
    • Protein-rich foods: Dedicate ¼ of the plate to lean red meat, poultry, fish, eggs or legumes
    • Carbohydrate-rich foods: Dedicate ¼ of the plate to pasta, noodles, rice, couscous, wholegrains (eg. spelt, quinoa, barley) or wholegrain bread.
  • Aim to eat red meat 3-4 times per week. Red meats, like kangaroo meat, provide important sources of iron and zinc for general wellbeing and vitality.
  • Try using kangaroo steak, diced meat, mince, sausages, burgers where you traditionally would use other red meats (e.g. beef, veal, lamb) in your recipes. As food for thought, try:
  • Warm Asian-style kangaroo salad.
  • Honey and soy kangaroo & vegetable stir-fry served on a bed of brown rice.
  • Kangaroo stroganoff (made with lite sour cream), served with wholemeal fettuccine.
  • Kangaroo Wellington (made with canola puff pastry), served with mashed sweet potato and steamed greens.
  • Kangaroo chilli con carne served with cooked rice and steamed beans.
  • Kangaroo sausages, rissoles or kebabs served with BBQ vegetables and a potato bake (made with lite milk or lite cream).
  • Kangaroo casserole, stew or curry, served with steamed kale and couscous or ancient grains (eg. quinoa or spelt).
  • Kangaroo Herb & Garlic mini roast with sweet potato mash, steamed asparagus and sauteed mushrooms.
  • Kangaroo burgers with apple and cabbage slaw.
  • Check out the child-friendly meal ideas for more inspiration. Most adults love simple favourites too!
  • Go to the RECIPE section of our website for a delectable assortment of kangaroo meat recipes.