Body Building Goes back to the Future in 2016

“Movement” is fast becoming one of the biggest buzzwords in bodybuilding, but what does it mean?

In 2016 we’re dropping the weights, going back to basics and moving to a new reality, using the body’s natural movement, balance and mass to achieve the best bodybuilding, weight loss and fitness results, outside of the gym.

From basic movement techniques and virtual reality, to rock-climbing, we’re stepping away from traditional weighted and aerobic routines, to build muscle in more enjoyable, but equally challenging ways.

“Movement” is fast becoming one of the biggest buzzwords in bodybuilding, but what does it mean? All exercise involves movement, right?
Well according to experts, due to our increasingly sedentary lifestyles – slumped on the couch, sitting at desks and in our cars – many of us have lost the ability to move correctly, and are translating our stiff movement patterns into our exercise regimes, leading to injury and ineffective workouts.
What movement training or Dynamic Movement Training (DMT) does is encourage “self-limiting” exercise, which requires total engagement of all muscles by making use of the body’s natural movement patterns.
Touted to provide three-times the benefits of traditional isolation training – through improvements in dynamic strength, fitness and function – DMT is said to improve muscle activation and boost fat loss.

Move over video games and treadmills the future of fitness is here – in virtual reality.
Fitness gaming is on the rise with a number of new interactive technologies taking over our dusty old Wiis and Nintendo’s.

The Omni is a virtual-reality device that allows you to ‘step in to’ video games for a whole body, physical experience, with it’s 360-degree treadmill allowing you to “run, jump, pivot, and crouch”, with sensors and an accompanying pair of sneakers that interpret your movements.
Similarly the Widerun is an immersive virtual reality fitness device, which connects a “bike trainer” and headset, to a library of virtual reality games, for a full body, fully entertaining virtual workout.
The Incaros fitness machine, from a Munich based startup has also recently been released, and is said to provide a comprehensive workout of all muscle groups including the “neck, chest, shoulders, abs and quads”, perfect for bodybuilding.
So if you like to “escape from it all” while you work out, virtual reality might be just the perfect solution!

Strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and confidence all are key benefits of rockclimbing or “sport climbing”, which is why it’s fast becoming one of the hottest fitness crazes in Australia and around the world.

According to Sport Climbing Australia, 25 million people around the world are now climbing regularly, with a 50% increase in climbing gyms worldwide from 2007 and 2015.
Using body weight to build muscle, strength and flexibility, climbing engages the majority of our 656 muscles, while also challenging the mind – making it ideal for professional sportspeople and those who are bodybuilding.
The cardio and energy consumed in rock climbing is reported to be similar to running at 8 km/hour, and can burn up to 800 calories per hour and is said to reduce stress.