6 ways to use Kanga Bangas!

Kangaroo sausages contain just 1.0g of fat per 100g. In comparison, 100 grams of regular beef sausages typically contains 21.4g fat and pork sausages contain 22.2g fat 1 . You can see the difference in fat is substantial – providing all the more reason to make the switch and serve the family kangaroo sausages as part of a regular, balanced diet.

Here’s 6 ways to use Kanga Bangas in your weekly family meals:

1. Throw some Gourmet Game Kanga Bangas on the barbie. These sausages are lean (98% fat free) and tender. They work well as part of a meal with vegetables or salad, or even served in a wholemeal bread roll with salad and tomato sauce.

2. Create mini pizzas using English muffins topped with tomato paste, thinly sliced left over Kanga Bangas, mushrooms, capsicum, pineapple pieces and grated reduced fat cheese. Grill and serve – yum!

3. Wrap cooked Kanga Bangas in puff pastry and bake in the oven until golden – easy sausage rolls!

4. Kanga Banga pasta sauce – add pre-cooked slices of kangaroo sausage to your favourite pasta sauce recipe. Fry onion and garlic in some olive oil, add the slices of Kanga Bangas, canned tomatoes and basil, season to taste. Serve with penne pasta or shell pasta for the little ones.

5. Breakfast sausages – Because of it’s low fat high protein content, it’s a seriously nutritious option for people wanting to improve their body and general health. Why not pre-cook some kanga bangas, slice them up and add into your scrambled eggs in the morning?

6. Frying up a pack of Kanga Bangas can be a convenient protein hit that you can take to work, or have as a quick post workout meal on the go. Keep pre-cooked Kanga Bangas in the fridge and add to salad or cooked veggies for a nutritious and simple lunch on the go.