More Aussies cooking up a healthy barbe-Roo for Australia Day

18 January 2016

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Macro Meats, the leading producer of kangaroo meat in Australia, is preparing for its most popular holiday of the year, Australia Day, as Aussies purchase more of the lean game meat with a 25 per cent sales increase in last year’s holiday lead up.  Read more…


Roo for all ages

21 July 2015

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Thanks to its impressive nutrition credentials, kangaroo meat is included in the Australian Dietary Guidelines and recommended as a meat to enjoy as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Kangaroo meat has something to offer people of all ages, see how..


How to cook the perfect kangaroo fillet

12 May 2015

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Kangaroos are active and graze on natural foliage. This produces a lean, high-quality game meat containing very little fat. Therefore, when cooking kangaroo, you need to be careful not to overcook it, as there is so little fat in the meat, it can dry out if overcooked.
Here are some tips for cooking the perfect kangaroo fillet…