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More Aussies cooking up a healthy barbe-Roo for Australia Day

18 January 2016

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Macro Meats, the leading producer of kangaroo meat in Australia, is preparing for its most popular holiday of the year, Australia Day, as Aussies purchase more of the lean game meat with a 25 per cent sales increase in last year’s holiday lead up.  Read more…


Barbecue kangaroo this Australia Day

04 February 2015

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Delicious, affordable and good for you, kangaroo deserves a place on the barbecue this Australia Day, writes Simon Wilkinson.

There are plenty of legitimate contenders for a place on your barbecue this Australia Day.

Seafood lovers will be following Hoges’s lead and chucking on a prawn; a juicy steak never goes out of fashion; while a lamb chop has won even Richie Benaud’s tick of approval.

But take a closer look in your supermarket chiller and you are likely to find another red meat — one that is arguably more true-blue Australian than any of the alternatives.


Hot food: Kangaroo Burger

21 January 2014

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Australia’s very own burger, made from rich, lean, ethically sourced kangaroo meat. But why do ‘roo burgers only pop up just before Australia Day, as if that’s the only time we bother to eat anything native to Australia? The Roo Burgers Forever movement (started right here and now) demands that they be around all year, and not just Australia Day.


Macro Meats kangaroo makes big leap

11 June 2013

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Macro Meats game producer Ray Borda is on the verge of achieving a long-held dream to supply kangaroo meat to the dining tables of China.

Prices similar to those for Tibetan yak, well above the price of beef, are expected as Chinese consumers are attracted by the lean meat and low cholesterol of kangaroo meat.