More Aussies cooking up a healthy barbe-Roo for Australia Day

Posted: 18 January 2016

Macro Meats, the leading producer of kangaroo meat in Australia, is preparing for its most popular holiday of the year, Australia Day, as Aussies purchase more of the lean game meat with a 25 per cent sales increase in last year’s holiday lead up. Macro Meats reported more than 178,000kg of kangaroo meat sold two weeks prior to last year’s Australia Day, and this year the South Australian based kangaroo meat processing company is gearing up for their biggest year yet.

“There is no better day than Australia Day to try kangaroo meat if you haven’t before,” said Managing Director for Macro Meats Ray Borda.
“Kangaroo is the healthiest, most abundant natural meat resource in the country and Australia Day sales are a great indicator of how aware consumers are of these qualities,” Borda continued.

The most popular Australia Day selections from the Macro Meats Gourmet Game range sold at major supermarkets and independents nationwide are the easy to cook pre-marinated kangaroo steak and the barbecue-ready Kanga Bangas (99 per cent fat free kangaroo sausage).

The novelty of enjoying kangaroo meat comes with major health benefits in comparison to other barbecue cuts enjoyed on the national holiday. A 100g serve of kangaroo fillet contains just 1g fat while a 100g trim lamb steak contains 5.8g fat. A 100g lean beef fillet contains more fat than both, coming in at 6.3g fat.

For those looking for a low-fat bun filling option, swapping a beef sausage with a Kanga Banga is a simple alternative to reducing unwanted grams of saturated fat over the long holiday weekend. A 100g serve of the Gourmet Game Kanga Bangas contains less than 1g of total fat.
In fact, the entire range of Gourmet Game kangaroo products contains less than 1g saturated fat per 100g. So you can rest easy knowing their kangaroo meat products not only taste great, but they’re heart friendly too.

Kangaroo meat is also an incredible source of protein, dietary zinc and B-vitamins for an added boost of goodness to the summer holiday snacking and dining. Protein helps to build muscle, which makes it a welcome addition to any strength training regimen. A 150g serving of cooked kangaroo fillet provides an average adult with 92% of his or her daily protein needs. It’s all the more reason to eat up and enjoy!

Cooking kangaroo meat is similar to cooking other red meats and can be prepared in a variety of ways, but the extra lean nature of kangaroo meat means it’s best to serve kangaroo fillet and steak medium-rare, this will keep the meat tender and juicy. Here are some simple tips to barbecuing the perfect kangaroo cut:
• Steaks and fillets should be cooked on high heat for approximately four minutes on each side for a medium-rare finish
• Once cooked, remove the kangaroo meat from heat and cover with foil for five minutes before serving
• Burgers and Kanga Bangas should be cooked on medium heat, turning often, until cooked through

A selection of summer ready recipes can be found online at www.gourmetgame.com.au
Gourmet Game kangaroo is available at Coles, Woolworths, IGA and independent grocery stores nationwide.