We process and supply kangaroo that has been sourced sustainably, responsibly and ethically. There is no farming of kangaroos in Australia, kangaroos range over extensive pastoral areas and are harvested in their own environment – no hormones or antibiotics are used. Kangaroos are super active and graze on natural foliage which produces a lean, high quality meat.

Kangaroo management program

Kangaroos are a unique indigenous species, out of the 58 species of kangaroo (macropods) only 4 of the most abundant species are commercially harvested. Kangaroo numbers are now increasing greater than ever before. Due to increase in kangaroo numbers, it has become necessary to set a commercially harvest quota to a record 8 million for 2014 of the population estimated of around 54 million to prevent economic and environmental damage. Strict controls ensure that no more than the quota number is actually harvested, in fact in recent years the harvest has been around 1.6 million per year, making the kangaroo industry one of the most sustainable renewable resources in the world.


Through careful management the Australian Kangaroo Industry has developed to its current level where Australia processes millions of tonnes of high quality meat as well as a large range of leather products. Each Australian state that commercially harvests kangaroos must have in place a Federal Government approved management plan. These plans must be updated every 3 years and aerial surveys of the population are conducted every year. After assessing the total populations and trends in population numbers, a sustainable quota is set for the number of kangaroos that can be harvested for that year. Kangaroos are harvested only from primary producing properties in Australia.

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Animal Welfare

We provide kangaroo that has been sourced sustainably, responsibly and ethically. Using best practice harvesting procedures, animal welfare is Macro Meats’ number one priority and part of our quality systems which is independently audited by accredited companies and government. Macro Meats also adheres to the National Code of Practice for the Humane Shooting of Kangaroos and Wallabies for Commercial Purposes, this code was developed after extensive consultation between government, animal welfare groups, industry, the scientific community and the public. It requires that field harvesters do not shoot if there is any doubt that they will not achieve a sudden and humane death by a single shot to the head. Macro Meat’s policy is to not harvest female kangaroos.

We only work with the best in the industry to ensure the harvest is humane.

Male Only Policy

Macro Meats have had a policy to only cull male kangaroos since early 2012 and have actively lobbied other Kangaroo Industry Association members to follow. Macro Meats number one priority is Animal Welfare, followed by sustainability and consistent meat quality. We also respect the beliefs of Indigenous Australians that animals should only be killed for food.