Quality Assurance

Gourmet Game is produced by Australia’s leading manufacturer of kangaroo meat, Macro Meats. The Australian company has a long history of innovation and excellence and are leaders in the kangaroo industry.


Macro Meats processing plant is audited and inspected by AQIS and incorporates an approved laboratory for microbiological testing. They are registered to Export Standards and currently supply overseas countries to EU standards.

“A commitment to maintaining the responsible development of the Kangaroo Industry is important to us. We work closely with the Government to ensure the regulations and controls of kangaroo harvesting and processing deliver the highest standard and the “world’s best practice” principles in animal welfare, conservation management, environmental issues and meat safety”.

Australian packaging convenant

Macro Investments action plan for the Australian Packaging
Convenant is composed of 5 major points of action.

  1. Packaging design
  2. Product stewardship
  3. Recycling
  4. Additional measures
  5. Monitoring of all above measures and overall system